Andres Max Salmeron
1 min readApr 5, 2020


We Lived Comfortably During the Pandemic

And when they fired millions without healthcare,

and refused to take care of our medical workers,

while lying to our faces,

and sacrificing countless lives in a shameless money grab, we


but not enough, we opposed them but not

enough. I was

in my bed, around my bed America

was falling: invisible house by invisible house by invisible house.

I took out my computer and ordered some groceries.

In the sixth month

of a disastrous reign in the house of money

in the street of money in the city of money in the country of money,

our great country of money, we (forgive us)

lived comfortably during the pandemic.

An updated version of Ilya Kaminsky’s We Lived Happily During the War.