Best Purchases of 2022 under $40


White Gaffer Tape — a better way to label jars, cooking ingredients, and boxes. Inspired by the blue tape in The Bear (TV, 2022).

Waterproof Phone Case— for travelers that don’t want to leave their phone unattended on the beach.

Purell Wipes — handy for sanitizing + wiping off your hands in a pinch.

Ultrasonic Retainer Cleaner— Polident isn’t enough for my mouthguard sometimes.

Cup Holder Expander— We’ve got some extra big water bottles that don’t fit in a normal cup holder.

Wettex— more sustainable than paper towel.

Cordless Lamp— spotted this a restaurant and got one.

Actual Wasabi— not horseradish dyed green.

Kewpie Mayo— a step up from regular mayo.

Four Fat Fowl— the best soft cheese I’ve ever had.

Farm Fresh Cultured Butter— incredible.

Pasteis from Manteigaria— ditto.